Our Faq

What is the main purpose of MIArb's Membership Registration Form?

The Membership Registration Form serves as the gateway to join the Malaysian Institute of Arbitrators (MIArb) and align with its objectives in promoting dispute resolution through arbitration.

What are the main goals and purposes of MIArb?

MIArb was established in 1991 with goals such as promoting arbitration, providing training, facilitating communication among members, and appointing arbitrators for dispute settlement.

What are the key features of MIArb's Arbitration Rules?

MIArb's Arbitration Rules aim to ensure fair and speedy dispute resolution, recognizing party autonomy, allowing flexibility in procedure modification, and facilitating expedited proceedings.

How can MIArb's Rules be adapted for different industries?

MIArb's Arbitration Rules are adaptable for use in various fields or industries, offering flexibility and suitability for both complex and simple arbitrations.

What plans does MIArb have for extending its coverage?

MIArb plans to extend its coverage to other alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and adjudication, with long-term goals of formulating contract forms for various industries.

How does MIArb disseminate relevant information?

MIArb regularly publishes newsletters containing articles on arbitration-related topics and organizes seminars and workshops on arbitration and alternative dispute resolution.

What are the different categories of MIArb membership?

MIArb offers five membership categories: Associates, Members, Fellows, Affiliates, and Members, catering to a diverse range of professionals and organizations.

What designations are given to MIArb Fellows, Members, and Associates?

Fellows are entitled to use "FMIArb," while Members and Associates use "MMIArb" and "AMIArb," respectively. Affiliates and Corporate Members do not have designated titles.

Are Affiliates and Members entitled to use any designation?

Affiliates and Members are not entitled to use any specific designation

What is the purpose of MIArb's Panel Registration Form?

The Panel Registration Form is designed for individuals to apply for inclusion in MIArb's panel of arbitrators, requiring details on profession, qualifications, and experience.

What information is required in the curriculum vitae for the Panel Registration Form?

The curriculum vitae should include details on the primary profession, qualifications, training, arbitration, mediation or adjudication experience, area of specialization, and professional affiliation.

How can the processing fee for the Panel Registration Form be paid?

The Panel Registration Form should be made payable to "The Malaysian Institute of Arbitrators".

Is the processing fee refundable?

The processing fee for the Panel Registration Form is non-refundable.

Can individuals from any professional background apply for the panel?

Yes, individuals from various professional backgrounds are welcome to apply for inclusion in MIArb's panel of arbitrators.

Are there specific qualifications required for the panel application?

The qualifications required for the panel application are not specified, allowing individuals with diverse backgrounds to apply.

How is the information provided in the Panel Registration Form utilized by MIArb?

The information provided in the Panel Registration Form is used to assess an individual's qualifications, experience, and area of specialization for potential inclusion in MIArb's panel of arbitrators.

What benefits come with being included in MIArb's panel of arbitrators?

Being part of MIArb's panel of arbitrators offers individuals opportunities to contribute to dispute resolution and be considered for appointments in various arbitration cases.

How will I be informed of the outcome of my panel application?

Once your Panel Registration Form is processed, MIArb will communicate the outcome to you through the contact information provided in the application.