Professional Diploma in International Arbitration in Collaboration with MIArb

Elevate your professional standing with the Diploma in International Arbitration, a distinctive qualification awarded in collaboration with Brickfields Asia College (BAC) and the Malaysian Institute of Arbitrators (MIArb). Tailored for practicing and aspiring arbitrators, as well as those seeking expertise in dispute resolution, this fast-track course provides practical insights using real-life case studies.

Study Mode Part time

Study Mode : Part time

Intake : Jan,Apr,Aug

Intake : Jan,Apr,Aug

Assessments : Examinations

Assessments : Examinations

Award By : Brickfields Asia College

Award By : Brickfields Asia College

Duration : 5 Weekends

Duration : 5 Weekends

Pathway : Professional

Pathway : Professional

With this Course, You Will Attain a High Level of Competency in

  • Gain a solid foundation in commercial arbitration processes, aligning with both Malaysian statutes and the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) applicable in over 200 countries.

  • Develop a competitive edge in industries favoring arbitration, such as Construction, Oil & Gas, International Trade & Commodities, etc.

  • Augment existing skills and qualifications, enhancing employability.

  • Build a cross-industry network with participants from diverse sectors where arbitration is applied to resolve disputes.

  • Benefit from instruction by a global and professional faculty comprising subject matter experts, practitioners, and academics.

Eligibility Criteria

Open to individuals with any undergraduate qualification.

Applicants with substantial work experience and practical knowledge of dispute resolution may apply, subject to approval from both BAC and MIArb.

Core Modules

Introduction to Arbitration:

Key concepts and appreciation of various types of arbitration and other dispute resolution methods.

The Arbitration Agreement:

Study of the formation, categories, validity, and effects of arbitration agreements.

Jurisdiction & Powers:

Coverage of the arbitrator's jurisdiction, powers, and duties, along with other key roles in arbitration.

The Arbitral Proceedings (Part 1):

Early-stage procedures in arbitration.

The Award:

In-depth exploration of awards in arbitration, types, and additional considerations.

Arbitration in Motion:

Interactive discourse on the arbitral process, applying concepts learned throughout the course.

Malaysian Arbitration Laws:

In-depth exploration of arbitration laws in Malaysia with specific examples from case law.

Applicable Laws in Arbitration:

Understanding legal rules in arbitration processes and their practical application.

The Appointment of the Tribunal:

Discussion on the appointment process of the tribunal, arbitrator selection, and related topics.

The Arbitral Proceedings (Part 2):

Advanced-stage procedures in arbitration.

Challenging the Award and Enforcing It:

Understanding the process of challenging and enforcing an award in arbitration, including relevant legal applications.

Syllabus & Past Year Question Review:

Comprehensive review of course content, discussion of past-year questions, and insights into examiner and moderator expectations.

Embark on this transformative journey to become a proficient arbitrator with the Diploma in International Arbitration in collaboration with MIArb. Your gateway to success in the field of alternative dispute resolution awaits!

Professional Diploma in
Internation Arbitration