Issue 1, 2021: MIArb Newsletter

This is a unique professional qualification awarded by Brickfields Asia College in collaboration with MIArb. It is a fast-track, practical and relevant course that is targeted towards practising and aspiring arbitrators as well as for those who would like to expand their knowledge in dispute resolution matters. Participants of this course will receive a solid grounding in the basic principles of arbitration, with subsequent emphasis on real-life applications using case studies.

Most of the leading legal firms across the world have now established an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) division due to the growing popularity of this method to resolve disputes. It would be a distinct advantage for law graduates in particular, to secure a job at top firms with this Diploma.

BAC offers a unique opportunity for LLB, CLP and ICSA students to augment their qualifications by taking this Diploma in International Arbitration concurrently with their respective courses. Upon passing this Diploma, students will immediately obtain an ‘affiliate’ status of membership under MIA.

A Diploma or Degree from a recognised institution of higher learning with relevant working experience. Experienced candidates without a diploma or degree can be considered for entry into the programme.

▶ Course details from Brickfields Asia College